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Cuticle OilNagelriem Olie - Glamnailsprofessional
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Polygel Nageltip Klemmen Set - 5 stuks - GlamnailsprofessionalPolygel Nageltip Klemmen Set - 5 stuks - Glamnailsprofessional
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Dual Form Nageltip Set (120 stuks) - GlamnailsprofessionalDual Form Nageltip Set (120 stuks) - Glamnailsprofessional
Nageltip Set (100 stuks) - GlamnailsprofessionalNageltip Set (100 stuks) - Glamnailsprofessional
Nagel Vijl - GlamnailsprofessionalNagel Vijl - Glamnailsprofessional
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Polygel Multitool - Glamnailsprofessional
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Blokvijl - Glamnailsprofessional
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Nagel Verzorging Set - GlamnailsprofessionalNagel Verzorging Set - Glamnailsprofessional
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Folie Set - Glamnailsprofessional
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Nagelriem pusher - Glamnailsprofessional
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Polygel Professional LED lamp 16W - GlamnailsprofessionalPolygel Professional LED lamp 16W - Glamnailsprofessional
Polygel Ultra-Performance LED lamp 80W - GlamnailsprofessionalPolygel Ultra-Performance LED lamp 80W - Glamnailsprofessional
Digitale Cadeaubon - GlamnailsprofessionalDigitale Cadeaubon - Glamnailsprofessional
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Polygel Essential Accessories

A stunning polygel manicure starts not only with high-quality products, but also with the right tools and accessories. In this collection blog we discuss some of the essential tools and accessories you need for the perfect polygel manicure. From polygel nail clips to nail files, and from foil sets to nail pushers, we have everything you need for professional-looking nail care.

1. Polygel Nail Clips: For Perfect Shape

Polygel nail clips are useful tools to perfect the shape of your polygel nails. They hold the polygel in place while it hardens under the LED lamp, giving you beautiful and even nails.

2. Nail File/Buffer File: Smooth and Shiny

A nail file and buffer file are essential for shaping and smoothing your polygel nails. The file allows you to create the desired shape, while the buffer file helps to smooth and shine nail surfaces for a professional finish.

3. Polygel Multi-Tool: Versatility in your Hands

The polygel multi-tool is an all-in-one tool that you can use for shaping, sculpting and smoothing polygel. With different attachments you can refine every step of your manicure process.

4. Foil Set (Flakes for Polygel Decoration): Creative Accents

Do you want to give your polygel nails a creative twist? A foil set with flakes offers countless possibilities for decoration. These flakes can be embedded into the polygel for glittering and unique designs.

5. Nail Pusher: For Healthy Cuticles

A nail pusher is indispensable for pushing and caring for your cuticles. This not only helps maintain healthy cuticles, but also gives your nails a neat and professional look.

With the right combination of polygel nail clips, nail files, polygel multi-tools, foil sets and nail pushers, you can enjoy a polygel manicure that looks like it was done by a professional. These tools and accessories help you shape, beautify and care for your nails so you can shine with the perfect manicure. Feel free to experiment and unleash your creativity with these versatile tools, and let your nails be the center of attention at any occasion. The road to nail perfection starts here!