About us

At Glamnailsprofessional we believe in the strength and beauty of nails. As an emerging leading brand, we supply premium salon quality nail items including polygel, dipping powder and all related accessories. Our goal is to give every woman the opportunity to become her own independent nail technician, unleashing her creativity and creating beautiful nail creations that exude irresistible sex appeal and allure.

We encourage independence, self-expression and creativity, because we believe that beautiful nails are more than just an appearance. It's about giving women back control and empowering them to express their own style and personality through their nails and not need an expensive and unnecessary salon to do so.

Glamnailsprofessional is not only about creating beautiful nails, but also about empowering women and their inner strength, so that they can confidently walk their way to success and happiness, full of pride and with nails nailed by themselves!


Sustainability and environment

Glamnailsprofessional loves people and nature. Our 100% cruelty free, vegan and hypo-allergenic products allow everyone to feel confident and beautiful. We take pride in our work and can't wait to welcome you to our Glam-Fam community!

Our mission

At Glamnailsprofessional we have a mission: to empower independent, independent women like you. We believe nails are a powerful medium through which women can express themselves and celebrate their own individuality. We strive to give these women an opportunity to join us and become part of our community of strong, confident women.

Our vision

At Glamnailsprofessional we believe in the power of elegance. We strive to inspire women to express their own unique style and personality through beautifully manicured nails. We want our products to be not only high-quality and reliable, but also to inspire a sense of self-confidence and empowerment in every woman who uses them. In the future, we want to motivate and encourage women worldwide to get the most out of themselves and let them flourish through their beautiful nails.