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Polygel Clear - GlamnailsprofessionalPolygel Clear - Glamnailsprofessional
Polygel Clear Sale price$23.00
Polygel White Daisy - GlamnailsprofessionalPolygel White Daisy - Glamnailsprofessional
Polygel White Daisy Sale price$23.00
Polygel Snowflake Shimmer - GlamnailsprofessionalPolygel Snowflake Shimmer - Glamnailsprofessional
Polygel Snowflake Shimmer Sale price$23.00
Polygel Crystal Flakes - Glamnailsprofessional
Polygel Crystal Flakes Sale price$23.00
Polygel Ballet Blush - GlamnailsprofessionalPolygel Ballet Blush - Glamnailsprofessional
Polygel Ballet Blush Sale price$23.00
Polygel Champagne Sparkle - GlamnailsprofessionalPolygel Champagne Sparkle - Glamnailsprofessional
Polygel Champagne Sparkle Sale price$23.00
Polygel Salmon Crush - GlamnailsprofessionalPolygel Salmon Crush - Glamnailsprofessional
Polygel Salmon Crush Sale price$23.00
Polygel Soft Pink - GlamnailsprofessionalPolygel Soft Pink - Glamnailsprofessional
Polygel Soft Pink Sale price$23.00
Polygel Raspberry Velvet - GlamnailsprofessionalPolygel Raspberry Velvet - Glamnailsprofessional
Polygel Raspberry Velvet Sale price$23.00
Polygel Seductive Pink - Glamnailsprofessional
Polygel Seductive Pink Sale price$23.00
Polygel Nude - GlamnailsprofessionalPolygel Nude - Glamnailsprofessional
Poly Gel Nude Sale price$23.00
Polygel Latte Lace - Glamnailsprofessional
Polygel Latte Lace Sale price$23.00
Polygel Coffee Cream - GlamnailsprofessionalPolygel Coffee Cream - Glamnailsprofessional
Polygel Coffee Cream Sale price$23.00
Polygel Chocolate Mousse - GlamnailsprofessionalPolygel Chocolate Mousse - Glamnailsprofessional
Polygel Chocolate Mousse Sale price$23.00
Polygel Rose - GlamnailsprofessionalPolygel Rose - Glamnailsprofessional
Polygel Rose Sale price$23.00
Polygel Cherry - GlamnailsprofessionalPolygel Cherry - Glamnailsprofessional
Polygel Cherry Sale price$23.00
Polygel Wine Infusion - Glamnailsprofessional
Polygel Wine Infusion Sale price$23.00
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Polygel Gala Glamour - GlamnailsprofessionalPolygel Gala Glamour - Glamnailsprofessional
Polygel Gala Glamour Sale price$23.00
Polygel Peachy - GlamnailsprofessionalPolygel Peachy - Glamnailsprofessional
Polygel Peachy Sale price$23.00
Polygel Fresh Mint - GlamnailsprofessionalPolygel Fresh Mint - Glamnailsprofessional
Polygel Fresh Mint Sale price$23.00
Polygel Teal Marine - GlamnailsprofessionalPolygel Teal Marine - Glamnailsprofessional
Polygel Teal Marine Sale price$23.00
Polygel Lilac - GlamnailsprofessionalPolygel Lilac - Glamnailsprofessional
Polygel Lilac Sale price$23.00
Polygel Plum Obsession - GlamnailsprofessionalPolygel Plum Obsession - Glamnailsprofessional
Polygel Plum Obsession Sale price$23.00
Polygel Glacier Ice - GlamnailsprofessionalPolygel Glacier Ice - Glamnailsprofessional
Polygel Glacier Ice Sale price$23.00

Polyacrylic: for beautiful artificial nails

Discover polyacrylic, also known as polygel, and experience the benefits of both gel polish and acrylic in one product. Polygel nails are ideally suited for beginners because of their user-friendliness. You can effortlessly shape your own polygel nails and enjoy natural, long-lasting beauty that lasts up to three weeks.

Polygel nails: the perfect combination of acrylic and gel polish

Polygel combines the best properties of acrylic and gel polish. Applying polygel nails to your nails is easy, and with a special polygel brush you can gradually shape them into your desired shape. The substance only hardens under a UV lamp, which means you can freely experiment with different nail shapes. In addition, the flexibility of polygel ensures that your nails are less likely to be damaged if you bump into something. An ideal choice!

Apply polygel nails

Unlike regular nail polish, polygel comes in tube form. Gently squeeze a small amount of polygel from the tube and apply with a brush to create the desired shape. Once they are to your liking, all you have to do is harden your polygel nails under a UV lamp and enjoy your beautiful polygel nails.

Various colors of polygel

At Glamnailsprofessional you have a wide choice of polygel shades. Our polygel tubes are available in different shades, suitable for every occasion. For example, choose the soft soft pink polygel for an evening out. Do you prefer a natural look? Then Clear or White Daisy are excellent options.

Also available in Polygel Starter Sets

Are you a beginner in making polygel nails? Glamnailsprofessional offers complete starter sets for beginners. These kits contain everything you need to create beautiful polygel nails, including a nail file, multi-tool, nail tips, clamps and your own UV lamp! In addition, we provide you with an instruction manual, so you can make your own polygel nails in just a few steps.