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Polygel Base + Top Coat - Glamnailsprofessional
Polygel Base + Top Coat Sale price$23.00 $29.00
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Deluxe Combi Set Polygel - Glamnailsprofessional
Deluxe Combi Set Polygel Sale price$39.00 $59.00
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Cuticle OilNagelriem Olie - Glamnailsprofessional
Cuticle Oil Sale price$20.00 $23.00
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Coatings + Nailtip Set - GlamnailsprofessionalCoatings + Nailtip Set - Glamnailsprofessional
Coatings + Nail Tip Set Sale price$45.00 $66.00
Polygel Slip Solution - Glamnailsprofessional
Polygel Slip Solution Sale price$15.00
Polygel Top Coat - Glamnailsprofessional
Polygel Top Coat Sale price$15.00
Polygel Base Coat - Glamnailsprofessional
Polygel Base Coat Sale price$15.00
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Primer - Glamnailsprofessional
Primer Sale price$23.00
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Polygel Matte Topcoat - Glamnailsprofessional
Polygel Matte Topcoat Sale price$23.00
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Primer + Matte top coat - GlamnailsprofessionalPrimer + Matte top coat - Glamnailsprofessional
Primer + Matte top coat Sale price$34.00 $45.00
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Refill set
Refill set Sale price$56.00 $87.00

Polygel Coatings: perfection down to the last detail

Polygel coatings are the ultimate solution for those who dream of beautiful, durable nails. Whether you're a professional in the nail industry or just looking for a way to beautify your nails at home, polygel is a game changer. In this collection blog we discuss the most important elements of a complete polygel nail care, including base coat, top coat, slip solution and cuticle oil. Let's take a closer look at each of these essential products for achieving nail perfection.

Polygel Base Coat: The Strong Base

A solid base is the key to a long-lasting and professional-looking polygel nail. Our polygel base coat plays this crucial role with aplomb. By carefully applying the base coat, you prepare your natural nails for the polygel application. It creates a bond between the polygel and your natural nail, which not only makes your nails look great, but also protects them.

Polygel Top Coat: The Finishing Touch

A polygel nail is not complete without the right finish. Our polygel top coat gives your nails the perfect shine and protects them from everyday wear and tear. It also prevents your polygel nails from turning yellow and keeps your manicure looking radiant for weeks.

Polygel Slip Solution: For seamless application

The secret to a smooth and seamless polygel application lies in the slip solution. Our slip solution makes modeling the polygel easy and prevents the polygel from sticking to your tools. This allows you to effortlessly create the desired shape and length of your nails.

Cuticle Oil: Loving Care

Maintaining healthy cuticles is just as important as having beautiful nails. Our cuticle oil moisturizes and softens your cuticles, making them look and feel healthier. Regular use of cuticle oil also prevents your cuticles from tearing and ensures a comfortable, painless manicure experience.

With the right combination of these polygel coatings and care products, you can enjoy nails that not only look beautiful, but also remain beautiful for a long time. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced nail technician, the quality of your polygel manicure starts with the basics. Give your nails the attention they deserve and discover the magic of polygel coatings.

Choose the ultimate nail care with our high-quality polygel products and enjoy nails that attract attention and admiration. Don't forget to return to our collection page regularly for the latest updates and additional products to enhance your nail care routine. Your path to perfection starts here!