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Dipping Powder Coating Set - Glamnailsprofessional
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Dipping Powder Base Coat - Glamnailsprofessional
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Dipping Powder Activator - Glamnailsprofessional
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Dipping Powder Top Coat - Glamnailsprofessional
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Dipping Powder Brush Saver - Glamnailsprofessional
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Cuticle OilNagelriem Olie - Glamnailsprofessional
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Primer - Glamnailsprofessional
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Nail perfection with Dipping Powder Coatings

Do you want to take your nails to the next level and improve the durability of your dipping powder manicure? Our collection of dipping powder coatings, including base coat, activator, top coat and brush saver, will help you achieve ultimate nail perfection. In this blog we explore each of these coatings and explain why they are essential for a professional and long-lasting manicure.

1. Base Coat: The Solid Foundation

A perfect dipping powder manicure starts with a solid foundation. Our base coat is specially designed to improve the bond between your natural nail and the dipping powder. It ensures that your manicure lasts longer without flaking and that the color is optimally displayed.

2. Activator: For Fast Curing

The activator is an essential part of the dipping powder process. It speeds up the curing process and ensures that the powder layers are firmly set in place. This creates a strong and durable nail that can withstand daily wear and tear.

3. Top Coat: The Shiny Finish

A beautiful shine is the crowning glory of your dipping powder manicure. Our top coat gives your nails a high-shine finish and protects them from damage, discoloration and fading. This means your nails will retain their beautiful appearance, week after week.

4. Brush Saver: Keep your Brushes in Top Condition

To keep your brushes working smoothly, our brush saver is invaluable. This product cleans and restores your brushes, making them last longer and giving you a more precise application.

5. How to Use Dipping Powder Coatings

Using dipping powder coatings is simple and does not require professional experience. Our collection comes with detailed instructions to guide you in achieving a perfect manicure. Be sure to apply each coating accurately and follow recommended curing times for best results.

Whether you're a novice to the world of dipping powder or an experienced nail technician, our collection of dipping powder coatings will help you achieve professional-quality nails. With these essential coatings you not only create beautiful nails, but you also ensure that they remain beautiful for a long time. Transform your nail routine and discover the power of dipping powder coatings for ultimate nail perfection. Your journey starts here!