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the perfect manicure in 4 steps

Step 1: Prepare your nails

Step 2: Apply Polygel in the nail tip and shape with the brush

Step 3: Place the tip + polygel on your nail and cure under a LED lamp for 60-90 seconds

Step 4: Remove the nail tip. Then shape with a file and finish with the Top coat for a shiny 4 weeks result!


Made ladies happy with our manicure sets



Received my starter set yesterday, and I'm over the moon. It's a technique that takes a while to master, but I'm already super happy with the result.

Alissa G .

It is a very good product, tried several polygels, but this one is very pleasant to work with. Practice with the other tips at the beginning, but great results.


Clear instructions on how to apply. Nice product to use.
Ideal for home use (also for people who have little experience with making gel nails)


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